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We understand your website needs to work hard. We’ll work with you to design an experience that people love to give your business an edge.

We deliver beautifully designed websites that get results.

What we do

Strategy and scoping sprint

The initial engagement with any new website is to understand your ambitions, your market, your customers so we can develop a plan. We will build on your vision for developing a website to position you as the market leader. From this base we can scope out what is required to bring this vision to life.

This phase is all about discovery. Understanding the goals you want to achieve and the functionality that needs to be delivered. Making sure we both fully understand the project, the process. At the end of this engagement you will have a developed plan with full timelines and locked down costs to deliver your website.

CX (Customer Experience), UX Design (User Experience)

Our user experience team will design the website with your customers at the heart of each decision to ensure you get more enquiries, sell more products and delight your audience no matter your objectives.

To do this we start at a high level to understand the customer journey. In this phase we develop a customer journey map to understand the process customers take on their path to purchase. Here we are looking at customer personas and exploring how to best meet their needs through empathy workshops to ensure the experience addresses their core needs.

Once we have a clear strategy we get into the website UX design (user experience) process. In this phase we take the high-level customer journey and look specifically at the points we need to be reimagined in the website design.

The final output of this stage is the production of interactive wireframes that allow you to test and experience how the website will work before we start the detailed website design process. We are also able to build in A/B testing into your project plan.

Website Design Services

The online world is competitive, research shows you have seven seconds to make an impact, therefore at YoungShand we believe it’s not just about a slick-looking design, it’s also about creating opportunities for interaction and storytelling, crafting an experience that stands out and cuts through.

A new website often creates an opportunity to update and refresh your company branding and core communication messages. Our digital design team can do a whole lot more than just website design.

Solution Focused Web Development

We utilise the best parts of Agile to collaborate across teams and with our clients, focusing on best practice, beautiful design and your future roadmap. Our web development team is experienced and local – making delivery easy. We develop websites, experiences, ecommerce and mobile apps.”

Being platform agnostic gives us the option of selecting the right technology to solve whatever needs solving. We’re an open-source development team with core strengths in WordPress, Silverstripe and for e-commerce websites we use WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento.

We specialise in custom website designs and develop a headless coding structure. This creates an ultra-fast and responsive site, where websites feel like snappy applications.

Simple Content Management

You need to be in control of your website. We ensure you have an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) and use a modular design structure that lets you make the day to day changes you need. A modular design enables you to create new page layouts based on individual page components. This enables you to make changes without developer time.

Mobile Web Development

Today we live a mobile life, sp we design mobile first. Regardless of budget, we can design a beautiful mobile web experience. This might be responsive website development, a hybrid or mobile app. In Google’s eyes if your website isn’t performing well on mobile then it doesn’t exist. We can talk you through the options that best suit your requirements.

We are seeing a lot of sites where mobile is exceeding desktop traffic. With the screen being smaller getting it right for the mobile environment is important. Also from a search point of view, Google is moving to a mobile-first index – meaning if the page isn’t mobile optimised then it doesn’t exist.

Ongoing support - driving business results.

As an integrated agency, we do more than just designing and developing your website. We take responsibility for driving real results. We can develop a strategy that will transform your business. This wider approach might require other services such as branding, campaigns or media. Once the plan is developed we’ll work with you to ensure your story is in front of the right audience and we’ll have the analytics and reporting set up so to ensure your strategy is driving results.

Digital Media Services

Thinking about a new website design agency? With our integrated approach, we can also rebrand your business, develop campaigns and grow traffic to drive business growth. We offer a seamless option to transform your business fast.

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To bring Alcohol&Me up to speed a complete rebuild was undertaken to help make this serious subject an engaging experience.


Helping Oceania create a people-centric website to meet the needs of their audience.

Website Design FAQs

There are six key stages to design and develop a website. 1. Scoping – understanding requirements and developing a timing plan to do the work, 2. Research – who is this for, what are the competitors doing, how will people use the site, 3. Design – creating the customer experience and the content, 4. Development – building the backend and frontend code, 5. Testing – making sure the site is ready to go live, 6. Deployment – making the site live and trouble shooting any issues in the final production environment.

A good website helps people get things done. A great website creates a real customer experience. It’s designed for mobile first, it’s beautifully designed, it’s animated and interactive, it’s fast and easy to navigate, it scores highly for SEO and allows you to edit your own content easily. At the end of the day a great website is a pleasure to use.

A standard website design and development project will take between three and five months. That’s including UX research and design through to deployment.

If you want a website that has flexibility, thoughtful user experience, is visually striking and useful then you’ll need a development team like YoungShand’s. A great website like this usually ranges between $40,000 – 100,000 depending on the features, and will include full content management because you should always be able to change your content without relying on someone else. Ecommerce solutions can also be built within this budget.

If you’re a small business you can cheaply build a website using a templated platform like Wix or Squarespace which doesn’t require a developer. YoungShand can help here by providing branded designs that fit the template at a cheaper cost.