Website Design and the development edge...

Welcome to the engine room of Young + Shand. Development is the place where all the insightful strategy and brilliant thinking turns into something real. We’re not shy in saying we have one of the best website development teams in the country. Between them, there’s not much they can’t build and make beautiful.

User experience and information architecture

We’ll work with you to construct an optimum user flow that will increase overall experience and maximise the results/onsite behaviours you’re looking for. Next we develop your website’s visual direction that lines up with your brand. Finally we create initial visuals and prototypes (across multiple platforms and devices) to ensure both the website design and user flow perform as we want. As soon as you’re happy, your website goes into development.

Website Design

Your website is your digital foundation; it’s your brand’s home on the web. Working with you, we’ll develop a detailed picture of your needs. We’ll talk you through the different technologies and options. Most importantly, your shiny new website will not only deliver results now, but will also be built to evolve for the future.

Web apps

With the rise of fully Native Javascript and Web Components Web Apps are definitely the way forward and we’re into them in a big way. We can craft rich mobile experience using the latest technologies.

Mobile first

Much of today’s digital world happens on a mobile device, which is why everything we build is fully responsive, meaning it will work flawlessly on any device that views it.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

While some clients may need more complex websites, all clients want a website that’s easy to update and maintain. So we use a range of open source CMS platforms that make it super simple for you to make minor alterations and updates to your website as needed.

Promotional microsites

Sometimes you want to create an experience that breaks away from the tradition and exist on the web as it’s own entity. Perhaps with some video, stunning visuals or 3d. We can do that.

Platform Hacking

We’re always looking for ways to mess around with the platforms everybody knows and loves. We’ve created automated twitter bots, we’ve turned girls into Zombies on Tinder and created a SnapChat scavenger hunt at R&V.

Things we want to do/can do if it makes sense...

  • iOT and Installations
  • Proximity sensors, Arduino boards, motion detectors, digital displays - A way for potential customers to feel fully immersed in your brand execution.
  • Machine Learning/Big Data - Large datasets can be fun to mess around with, if you’ve got the skills and knowledge to do so. Etc etc
  • Conversational AI/Messenger Bots - The next big thing. Facebook Messenger, Slack bots, Amazon Echo. 2016 is touted as the year of conversational commerce. We think it’s going to be huge and with the upsurge in Artificial Intelligence it’s definitely prudent to get ahead of the curve.

We’re open to ideas

A team full of developers champing at the bit to get their teeth into something new and exciting. If you’ve got an idea that no one’s done before and a thought in your mind of ‘I wonder if I could do…’ then come and talk to us. We’ll deconstruct it, work out a feasible approach and then get cracking.

Recent work