Unseen Emergencies.

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    Kiwis respond overwhelmingly to donate blood during national emergencies, such as natural disasters or serious events with significant loss of life. But they don’t see the 83 New Zealanders who will experience an unseen emergency and need life saving donations every single day. The Unseen Emergencies campaign focuses on life-threatening scenarios Kiwis face daily, with each story inspired by a real medical emergency. 

    Launched during the most-watched hour of television – 1 News at 6pm – the series of short films bring viewers into the centre of five unseen emergencies as they take place across Aotearoa, ending with the rallying cry for support – Don’t wait to save a&nbsplife.

    In radio, we collaborated with New Zealand’s most distinctive News voices. Each presenter is highlighting the emergencies that don’t always make their news bulletins. And we used print to shine a light on some of the life-threatening scenarios Kiwis face every&nbspday.

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    Unseen Emergencies

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