Historically, the aged care category has been a sea of sameness, with advertising portraying the audience in a cliche way, or worse yet, not at all. This approach has left our elders feeling unrepresented and reinforced the idea that moving into a retirement village will result in a loss of independence.

Oceania sees things differently, celebrating their audience as individuals who always have, and continue to live diverse lives – and retirement shouldn’t change that.

The problem, however, was that Oceania’s website didn’t reflect that ambition. It was cluttered, overloaded with information, featured little-to-no imagery of their audience and was challenging to navigate for all ages. So we set out to change that.

We worked with them to redesign a people-centric site, focusing on ease of use for those who would be using it most often – our core audience of 65+. Because Oceania believes no one should be left behind, especially when it comes to technology and access to information.

The user-friendly site seamlessly moves through Oceania’s mission to reimagine the retirement living and aged care experience. The brand story is followed by information about the independent living, and aged care offerings, including information about their 40+ villages across the country. In addition, sections were designed to provide key information for staff and recruitment purposes and investors/shareholders.

And the results speak for themselves. Despite our audience being considered less technically savvy, the intuitive design saw a dramatic increase in performance for our core demographic of 65+, including a 245% increase in page views, a 54% improvement in bounce rates and nearly double the number of viewers (65+). 

The modern, mobile-first design has also resulted in a 36% increase in people engaging with the site on mobile or tablet than the previous one, which saw very limited interaction. 

Overall, by simplifying the user journey, our intended users viewed more pages, taking in more content and making more calls to the Village Managers to make viewing appointments. Ensuring our audience was at the centre of every decision we made gave them access to the information they needed to make critical decisions about their next big life move.

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