Although Kiwis try their hardest to do what’s best for their health, the sciencey jargon of many health products leaves them confused as to what product is right for them. That’s why, for Healtheries’ new website, we made their customers the beating heart of the design.

Healtheries have been helping Kiwis stay healthy for over 110 years – continually adapting their products to keep up with an ever-evolving understanding of health and wellness. But there was one thing that just wasn’t keeping up with the times – their website. It looked dated, was near impossible to update, and wasn’t mobile responsive.

We worked with Healtheries to give their website some much needed TLC, redesigning it from scratch with their company’s ethos – ‘A little help for everybody’ – at the core of every decision.

A collaboration between our Digital Development and Design teams, we took an insight-led approach to the website design, using data gathered from Google Analytics, heatmaps and Search to inform our decisions.

The website has considered UX, providing users with different ways to find the products that are right for them – whether through a ‘Health Concerns’ search or at the end of an article or recipe. The site also makes online promotions easy, with digital media now able to drive people directly to the website to grab coupons with a touch of a button. 

The new site puts the users’ needs first and provides them with a rewarding online experience – because people aren’t looking for products, they’re looking to improve their health.

Key Features:

  • Considered UX with multiple ways to find what you’re looking for 
  • Integration with CRM and Social
  • Featured articles, products and recipes with relationship links
  • Smart product search and filtering
  • Beautiful responsive design for mobile
  • Modern product display

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