Pinnacle Life is a New Zealand owned and operated insurance company with a small market share. Originally the only insurance company offering a complete online service, the industry had caught up, so Pinnacle Life needed to build their brand awareness and put themselves top of mind for Kiwis.

The new brand platform asks Kiwis to consider what makes them feel lucky, and the consequences when they’re no longer here to help protect them. A bold step in a life insurance industry that has traditionally glazed over the things they deal with every day.

The campaign launched with a 30” unbranded teaser across TV and digital channels, introducing NZ to the “World’s Luckiest Man”. In the spot, we are drawn into a series of fleeting moments where we often reflect on feelings of gratitude or luck, that is until our protagonist’s final moments.

This was followed with a 60” brand film, which tells the same story, but this time from the perspective of ‘our boy’ (the luckiest man’s son). The spot focuses on the consequences of what can happen when we haven’t taken steps to protect the people who make us feel fortunate in our lives.

The campaign ran in conjunction with a unique landing page, where people could watch the brand film, learn more about Pinnacle Life and, of course, protect them and their loved ones with life insurance. Within the first week, we observed a 313% uplift in traffic, with 95% being new visitors to Pinnacle Life.

The brand spot was supported by a series of targeted messages that focus on what makes Pinnacle Life different from some of the larger players in the life insurance space. Digital media working alongside traditional channels, delivered the full campaign, including a 15” cutdown, OOH media, radio, social and Google search.

“It’s been a pleasure working with YoungShand, as it has taken a real team effort to pull this campaign together. Both sides have challenged each other, with YoungShand pushing the envelope in terms of creative strategy, as we seek to meet our business objectives in an industry under scrutiny.”

Jane Barron, Marketing Manager, Pinnacle Life.

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