Every year when the weather starts to heat up, people are stuck between wanting to get in shape or enjoying a beer with their mates. But with Speight’s Summit Ultra low carb lager, proud sponsor of the beer after, there’s no need to choose.

To help get the word out, we sparked up some banter on the Speight’s Facebook page by creating a series of short videos highlighting that one mate who struggles at social sports, but is always good for a beer after.

The videos gave our audience the opportunity to name their mate, by commenting or sharing the video with their group of friends. This light-hearted approach tapped into the existing behaviour of mates ribbing each other for a laugh, tagging them into funny posts.

The campaign saw a huge spike in engagement on the Speight’s Facebook page and a boost in sales across the nation – helping to prove that mateship over a cold one is alive and well.

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