Travellers heading to the South Island don’t always consider the options Wanaka has to offer. So we needed to get the region on their must-do list. And how better to do that, than by giving them the inside scoop from some locals.

With a stunning location filled with hidden gems, we took the audience off the beaten track to show them the parts of Wanaka they don’t see in regular tourism ads.

We engaged three locals, all with a different take on what makes Wanaka special. Instead of a regular Q&A interview, we let our local stars take the lead, taking our viewers on a personal guided tour. Capturing the integrity of their stories and their favourite bits of Wanaka.

Our in-house team, created hand-drawn, bespoke typography that was layered into the film and animated to become part of the story, bringing the insider travel tips to life.




impressions resulted in almost 12,000 clicks


video views - up 8%

Over 50


increase in unique visitors

With half the budget of the previous year, this year’s numbers exceeded expectations. The content was rich with storytelling, engaging viewers in what Wanaka has to offer. This was supported by smart media, with the best performing creative optimised to drive results.

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