Ineffective workspaces don’t work for anyone. yrspace knows that first-hand, which is why they’re on a mission to make New Zealand office spaces more productive, agile and intuitive through their intelligent space management platform. They had all the smarts in place, but what they didn’t have was a way for businesses to find them.

yrspace approached us to help design and build their website, but we quickly realised they needed more. They had no brand positioning, messaging, imagery, or real understanding of how their potential customers made decisions or considered offerings in the office space management arena. We were starting from scratch.

To begin developing the site, we went through the full user experience process, starting with empathy workshops where we were able to uncover the attitudes, reservations and concerns of the yrspace core personas. From there, we developed user stories, in which specific needs of the personas were fleshed out. Together, this drove the site’s architecture, UX and UI.

yrspace has a progressive attitude towards office space design and management, and the website look and feel needed to reflect that. Lightweight design meant we were able to communicate their messaging easily and clearly. Animation was coupled with that to produce a user experience that was straightforward and natural as well as visibly showcased the functionality of the yrspace app.

The end result? A website that clearly introduces the proposition, explains their technology, platform and features, establishes credibility and gains interest and leads.

Want to explore the yrspace website design for yourself? Click below to check it out.

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