This year, International Nurses Day was more poignant than ever. With COVID-19 shutting the world down and putting our healthcare systems into overdrive, healthcare professionals, especially those caring for our elderly citizens, have been working harder than ever to keep us safe.

At the forefront of New Zealand’s aged care sector is Oceania Healthcare, with retirement villages in over 40 locations across New Zealand and hundreds of nurses caring for our elderly community.

To show their respect for the work their nurses do, we launched ‘In their shoes’ – an initiative to celebrate not only the kindness and compassion that aged care nurses bring to their role, but, more importantly, their skills, knowledge and professionalism.

The ‘In their shoes’ initiative will see each frontline nurse gifted a pair of bespoke Allbirds, with a specially crafted message in the insoles of what it’s like to walk a day in their shoes – a token of respect for the work that they do.

Launched through PR on International Nurses Day, that same story was also brought to life across print, digital and radio. And each campaign element drove people to the campaign microsite where they could find out more about the initiative, Oceania Healthcare and apply to join the team.

The initiative will continue beyond International Nurses Day into a recruitment campaign. To demonstrate Oceania Healthcare’s continued investment in their nurses, each frontline nurse who joins the Oceania team will receive a pair of the bespoke Allbirds as a daily reminder of our ongoing respect. Find out more at

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