At 6pm on Monday, 29th of October, New Zealand tuned in to watch Newshub. What viewers didn’t realise is that members of the crew who usually deliver the news had been swapped out for new ones – Blind Foundation clients with no or low vision.

The News Crew Swap, created by our team here at YoungShand and brought to life through a Newshub collaboration, was a demonstration of what people living with low or no vision can achieve with the support of the Blind Foundation services.

With a limited budget, we needed an idea that would not only drive mass awareness of the Blind Foundation’s services but also demonstrate their vision of enabling ‘a life without limits’ for Kiwis with a vision impairment.

Working together, the Blind Foundation and Newshub provided the crew with the training and support they needed to bring New Zealand the news, as they worked across a range of essential newsroom roles.

This unique campaign not only played out within the newsroom environment but was revealed live on air, during the 6 pm news broadcast. The news story, fronted by reporter Mitch McCann, introduced the crew members involved in the swap and included the striking graphics created by Dan Holt, one of the Crew Swap members.

The live Newshub launch was then followed up by appearances on The Project, The AM Show and Radio Live, before being amplified across radio, social media and ThreeNow.

There are currently 180,000 Kiwis living with vision loss, a number that is set to dramatically increase over the next 25 years as our population ages. If you or someone you love are noticing significant eyesight changes that cannot be fixed by corrective lenses, you can find out more about the Blind Foundation services at


Louise von Sierakowski

GM Marketing – Blind Foundation

“The awareness campaign had the seemly simple objectives of sharing who we are, what we do, and who we can support. With a tight budget, a broad service offering, and a wide target audience it was a tough brief. The talented and creative team at YoungShand took this in their stride, apparent in the strength of the crew swap idea. The team at YoungShand have been collaborative, solution-focused, and time after time have gone the extra mile to ensure the best result. The experiences of real people are inherent in this campaign, and the thing I have valued most is the genuine care the YoungShand team have taken to convey each person’s strengths, abilities and personality. It is the optimism and authenticity of these stories that is already resonating with the public, and changing perceptions about the abilities of people who are blind or have low vision.”

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