There is an invisible line in our society. One day you step over it, and you’re deemed “old”. This badge can leave our elders feeling isolated. At the same time, the rest of us don’t give much thought to what happens as we age until we or someone we love gets there.

As a result, the retirement and aged care sector has missed out on the kind of transformational change that other sectors have benefitted from. This has done little to quell the feelings many older Kiwis are harbouring. Conscious of the trade-off that comes with moving into a retirement village, between identity and independence, and gaining the extra support they need.

Our challenge was two-fold to help Oceania fulfil its ambition to reimagine retirement living and aged care for the better. Create a brand platform that framed this ambition and a launch campaign that championed the audience authentically and respectfully. So, we developed a bold new brand platform – Believe in Better – inspired by a proud Kiwi tradition.

We tapped into something elemental to Kiwis to launch the new platform – our human need to strive for better – putting Oceania’s residents and their life stories at the heart of the communications, celebrating them as people who have lived incredible lives and continue to live with a deep sense of identity, connection and purpose.

The launch campaign sees Oceania taking up the mantle of striving for better from their residents as they reimagine retirement living and aged care for today’s generation and those to come.

Extensive research and strategic work informed the creation of the new brand platform, which has, in turn, informed a new brand identity, website, launch campaign, internal launch and the planning and execution of all media.

“Ageing is something common to us all, so we have a vested interest in transforming a category that has stayed largely stagnant for over 20 years. Our new brand platform goes beyond marketing, setting out a bold ambition for our business to continue reimagining the category, led by the latest research and informed by our residents”, says Sandra Daniel, Oceania Marketing Manager.

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